Our Companies

The Hatchbag Company

The Hatchbag Company is an online business selling high quality tailor made boot liners to perfectly fit the boot shape of a wide range of car make/models… Find out more

BMB Industrial Cabs Ltd.

BMB is the UK market leader in the design and manufacture of PVC and Metal Cabs for Fork Lift Trucks and other vehicles. BMB has over 20 years’ experience… Find out more

Lexicraft Ltd.

Lexicraft manufactures a wide range of bespoke reliable, high quality identification products including labels, decals, name and data plates, panel fronts and overlays…Find out more

Anodyne Ltd.

ANODYNE AIR has recently purchased a new Daher TBM 940 available for lease and soon to be chartered through RAVENAIR Ltd., at Liverpool, Airport Find out more

Our Vision

Professionally managing our acquisitions and their most valuable assets’ employees, technology and customers.

Raventa’s vision is to build a group of small companies and to work with the company management to deliver increasing long term value for both internal and external stakeholders. We have invested in four companies since our founding in 2014.   We are a results-oriented business with a vision and desire to create larger entities through organic growth and acquisition. Our investment and operational approach supports our company management in accelerating growth, and optimizing business performance to build value together…Find out more