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Current Vacancies:

THC 3D CAD Design Engineer (“CDE”)

Our Company

Our company is a leading boot liner manufacturer with a wide range of bespoke, high quality boot liners for a wide variety of vehicles in the UK and Europe. We have comprehensive marketing, design and manufacturing capabilities covering many techniques to promote, develop and produce custom made boot liners.


The Design Department

The principle function of the design department is to design and develop Bootliners, using a laser scanner, 2D and 3D CAD modelling software to create patterns to match specific vehicle requirements. The department works closely with Commercial, Marketing and Production to fulfil commercial demands.
The Goal is to expand the capacity of boot liner designs to keep pace with an increasing demand


The Role

The role of the 3D CAD Design Engineer

1. Product Design:
Understudy to the design team learning the skills required to design a bootliner
Increase the efficiency of boot liner design
Learn the use of Solidworks design software and/or other appropriate design software
Learn techniques to rapidly and accurately scan car boots with a 3D laser scanner to facilitate
boot liner design.
Ensure that designs are approved internally and externally to successfully meet orders.
Product Research

2. Commercial Support:

Support product design with marketing photos and text
Support product design with supplementary documents
Support digital marketing with uploads to website
Be responsible for the administration and communication between Design and the Commercial and Production departments
Technical support to customers via telephone

The role will be office based for the majority of the time, however, some travel from time to time may be required

For more information THC 3D CAD Design Engineer Spec (GPR) May 19.v1