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Position: Customer Service & Commercial Apprentice (“CSCA”)
Department: Customer Service Department
Location: Wirral, UK
Terms: Full-time, Permanent (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm with a half hour (unpaid) lunchbreak
Responsible To: Customer Service Manager at Lexicraft Limited
Salary: £10,983 per annum

The Customer Service Department
The principal function of The Customer Service Department is the first point of call for our customers and therefore, act as a professional representative for the company. The Company’s philosophy is that all departments are driven by the both the Customer Service & Commercial Department needs and therefore other areas of the company are service providers to these departments.

The Role
We are now looking to recruit a Customer Service & Commercial Apprentice (“CSCA”) to join our team. The successful candidate will be trained to become the professional representative of the Company and will offer a consistent provision of exceptional Customer Service and therefore, a professional and polished approach is crucial.
The role will be train and become responsible for delivering an excellent service to all customers, providing customer information, handling transactions and managing customer orders and gaining knowledge of the Commercial Department by interacting with the rest of organisation.

Please see job specification via the following link: LXC Customer Service & Commercial Apprentice Job Specification v2.01.06.23

You can apply for the role via the ‘Show Your Interest’ link above on the Raventa Page. Alternatively, please follow the link to the role below, on the Lexicraft Ltd website.

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