Spotlight on…..The Hatchbag Company

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Spotlight on…..The Hatchbag Company Raventa Limited own a number of companies, which all have their own unique selling points. One of them being The Hatchbag Company, based in Birkenhead on the Wirral peninsula. Hatchbag produce tailor made boot protectors to suit a number of car makes and models and various lifestyles (from transporting your dog, to the tip run!). All […]

Spotlight on…..BMB Industrial Cabs

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Spotlight on…..BMB Industrial Cabs BMB are a UK based leading designer and manufacturer of industrial cabs for the fork lift truck industry and other vehicles such as golf buggies, agricultural machinery or utility task vehicles. The company have been operating since the early 1990s and have over the years developed a large portfolio of drawing templates ready to be manufactured […]

Spotlight on…..Lexicraft Ltd

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Spotlight on…..Lexicraft Ltd Our first spotlight post in on Lexicraft Limited. They manufacture a wide range of bespoke, high quality identification products including labels, decals, name and data plates, panel fronts and overlays, membrane switches and touchscreens. Lexicraft has a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities covering the many processes and techniques required. The workforce at Lexicraft has a wealth of […]

Raventa Career Opportunities (Nov 23)

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Current Roles Available Raventa have a number of roles available across the group at present. The roles are as follows: Customer Services Apprenticeship at Lexicraft Ltd: Customer Services Co-ordinator at The Hatchbag Company: Both roles are based on our facilities on the Wirral, Merseyside. An excellent opportunity to join our group of companies.

Spotlight on…..Anodyne Air

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Spotlight on…..Anodyne Air Anodyne are an air leasing company, which is part of Raventa Ltd group of companies. Anodyne has a Socata TBM 940 available for lease through our partnership with air operating company (AOC) based over at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The TBM 940 by DAHER SOCATA is a single-turboprop last generation aircraft. It is the fastest single-turboprop aircraft in […]

Keeping Busy – The Raventa Group & Subsidaries

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We have had some great feedback reference our recent post highlighting the companies within the group. Raventa continues to support the business as they consolidate and grow. Look forward to checking back in with them as we head towards the end of 2023. We are now well over 8 years since we acquired a number of businesses, mainly based on […]

Lexicraft – Need a new apprentice

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Lexicraft Ltd are looking to employ a new apprentice at their Price’s Way site. The ideal candidate will support the customer service and commercial teams, as the business continues to grow. Check out the link below on the Lexicraft careers page: Customer Service & Commercial Apprentice

Forthcoming Bank Holiday – Monday 28th August 2023

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Raventa Limited, The Hatchbag Company, Lexicraft Limited & BMB Industrial Cabs offices and factories will be closed for the UK bank holiday. This will be on Monday 28th August 2023. Hatchbag’s websites are still available for online ordering. All factories and offices will be reopen as normal on Tuesday 29th August 2023.

TBM940 Trans-Atlantic Flight

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Anodyne Air’s TBM940 has recently conducting a transatlantic, and this isn’t the first time the aircraft has undertaken the remarkable feat! The route goes from Liverpool to the U.S. via Iceland, Greenland and Canada. We look forward to welcoming the aircraft back later on this month. Anodyne Air is part of the Raventa Limited Group of Companies.  

New Hatchbag Designs Rolled Out

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BMW, Volkswagen & Suzuki, to name just a few of the designs rolled out recently by the team over at Hatchbag. Been great to see the team continuing to develop new products for their customers. The Hatchbag Company is a e-commerce business, selling PVC boot liners. The company has a presence in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and in the […]