Spotlight on…..The Hatchbag Company

Spotlight on…..The Hatchbag Company
Raventa Limited own a number of companies, which all have their own unique selling points. One of them being The Hatchbag Company, based in Birkenhead on the Wirral peninsula. Hatchbag produce tailor made boot protectors to suit a number of car makes and models and various lifestyles (from transporting your dog, to the tip run!). All the boot liners are designed and produced here in the UK, with all our bespoke boot covers they are hand finished and made from PVC high quality fabric that will cover the base and sides of a car boot.

Over the year they have amassed over 400 car designs, and continually looking to keep ahead of the curve and obtain new make and models to scan.

Hatchbag was incorporated back in to the group back in 2014, and was originally part of BMB Industrial Cabs portfolio. They reside at the Turbine Park site along with BMB. They have a major UK presence, but in recent years have established a presence in the Netherlands, Germany and recently the U.S.A.

T: 0151 203 6555
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