Raventa’s strategy is to take good, small companies with unrealised potential, and work with the management and employees to achieve new performance levels resulting in higher revenues and long term value.

We do this through five primary value creation strategies:

  1. Strategy Development and Refinement. We work with our businesses to develop, refine, and enhance their long-term strategies. We are focused on building great companies that can compete in their current markets and grow into new other sectors.
  2. Buy and Improve. We have built a small but experienced management team with significant knowledge and ability to improve our companies’ performance in sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT and human resource.
  3. Revenue Growth. We drive our businesses revenue growth and bring significant resources and experience to initiatives such as pricing optimisation, sales force build-outs and new product and service development.
  4. Systems and Process Enhancement. Transforming our companies also means being able to implement internal systems and processes. To this end, we invest in our businesses as they develop their people, systems, metrics, and management processes.
  5. Efficiency and Optimisation. We have expertise in lean initiatives and other operational improvements to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our production within our various companies.