Spotlight on…..Anodyne Air

Spotlight on…..Anodyne Air
Anodyne are an air leasing company, which is part of Raventa Ltd group of companies. Anodyne has a Socata TBM 940 available for lease through our partnership with air operating company (AOC) based over at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The TBM 940 by DAHER SOCATA is a single-turboprop last generation aircraft. It is the fastest single-turboprop aircraft in its category. It flies at 330 Knots and can cover 1500 Nautical Miles without a stop. Its performance is similar to that of light jets with a lower operating cost.

The TBM 940 enables individuals and companies based in the North West of the UK to fly directly and comfortably to any airport in the UK or Europe. Our service is a precious time saving and a new way to travel: you will not depend any more on the scheduled commercial flights obligations as fixed schedules, connections or long administrative procedures.

Another element of the group, which is not just exclusively manufacturing businesses.


Anodyne is an air leasing company, owned by Raventa Ltd